Friday, February 24, 2017

Baking Notes

Ok so this baked block of spelt grain came out of my oven the other day - not very lovely. It was a new, coarser grade of grain which I was hoping would make a more rustic loaf, but alas. Although I suppose back in biblical times this was exactly what bread looked like. This loaf tastes ok, the sourdough flavour comes through quite nicely, it's just that the consistency is especially tough. It's dry and crumbly too which could probably be resolved with more liquid as I imagine coarser grains are thirstier.
This is the new grain I'm trying. It has a decidedly sandy texture as opposed to the more powdery light spelt flour below. I added olive oil to the dough like last time but it didn't seem to make much difference in the moisture, so I think the culprit must really just be the lack of water. I'll try another loaf again tomorrow so stand by!


Jenny said...

:) I love that you bake bread. I'm horrible at making bread.

Connie said...

You know so much about the "science" part of baking bread as to what it needs and doesn't need. I admire that. I haven't baked homemade bread in years. It is kind of a lost art, I think.