I live in Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario, am married and have three sons. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, walking, hiking, photography, yoga, solitude, books, reading, and scouring used-book stores, yard sales and thrift shops to indulge my fondness for all things vintage.

I love the feel, look, weight, and smell of physical, paper-bound books (and don't even get me started on the old leather or cloth-bound ones) and will try to keep ebooks at bay for the time being. They have a place, I'm sure, but I will do what I can to promote and preserve paper books as they are simply so beautiful in so many ways. As a forty- fifty-something woman, I feel rather late to the party. Books have always been in my life, but an actual, persistent appreciation for them has only just dawned on me in recent years. Why only now? I don't know. It probably has something to do with middle-age and the realization that there is still so much I want to know and learn about people, things, places, events, and so little time in which to do it. The fact that I will never catch up with my reading is both frustrating and thrilling.


Grab the Lapels said...

Do you ever get scared that you'll die before you've read everything you want to read? I do all the time! Ack! Is this just me? :)

Trish said...

Yes, me too! The number of books that pique my interest increases exponetially while I can still only read one at a time.