Monday, September 5, 2016

Baking Notes

Since we're into the last days of summer I've had to come up with ways to calm down my little heat-loving sourdough workers. Off to the fridge with you! I mixed up a spelt dough in the usual way and then didn't even give it a chance to rise on the counter because I knew it would develop into a yeast frosh party with free kegs for everyone before I was ready to bake it. So being the buzzkill that I am, I parked it for a night in the fridge for a chilly timeout. The next morning I was pleased to see it had indeed remained sober. 

I'm not too familiar with working with refrigerated dough so I figured a couple of hours on the counter and a few apologetic words would help bring it back to life. It did well enough, and I even added an extra hour and half to fully warm up and revive my yeasty revellers. They puffed up my dough beautifully and by midday I was ready to fold it into a pan and bake.

That little bulbous protrusion is evidence there was still a cold spot somewhere inside - party crashers! 

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