Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bedroom Book Love

In a room like this I'd stay up way, way, way too late finishing one more chapter in my current read and then pulling random books from the shelf to see what their first lines are, maybe even the first paragraphs, and hey look, it's 2am already. Dangerously delightful.

What a fun and colourful room this is! Clean, simple, bright. There's probably a little desk under the window too. 

I think every room should have a wall of shelves like this.


Elena said...

I love all the pictures, they are amazing. I hope I could do the same in my bedroom :'(

Trish said...

Even just a few books in a bedroom is a wonderful thing :)

Connie said...

I have books all over the house. It's hard to get rid of them once I own them. :D

laughingwolf said...

i have about 100 books on a small shelf, all read... once i get my place, if ever, i want shelves with glass doors, to keep the dust off

Trish said...

Daisy - I'm terrible for hanging on to books. I try to give them away but sometimes it's just so hard, you know?

LW - That sounds like a great way to keep books safe long term.