Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I take a book with me everywhere I go, and find there are all sorts of opportunities to dip in. The trick is to teach yourself to read in small sips as well as long swallows. Waiting rooms were made for books - of course! But so are theatre lobbies before the show, long and boring checkout lines, and everyone's favourite, the john. You can even read while you're driving, thanks to the audiobook revolution. Of the books I read each year, anywhere from six to a dozen are on tape. As for all that wonderful radio you will be missing, come on - how many times can you listen to Deep Purple sing 'Highway Star'?
~Steven King, On Writing


Connie said...

I don't do as well reading in little bits as I do in reading a good chunk at a time. I'd rather get immersed in it than just dip my toe in, I guess. :-) I do love it though.

HeidiInHolland said...

I agree that you can read in so many places. I also love to read in the bathtub. Taking a good long soak with a good book is the best part of some days.

I started listening to audiobooks in the car on our drives to our cottage in the woods. DH hates it as I do not talk to him then...lol.

Hugs from Holland ~

Trish said...

Daisy - yes, I have a hard time with the short dips too. I keep trying, though.

Heidi - The bathtub is a great place to read, isn't it? I do some of my best reading there. And, yes, audiobooks! Hub and I have started listening to them in the car too but I especially like them when I go for long walks by myself.

Debbie Rodgers said...

I can read by taking in just a sentence or two, although I prefer to have longer sessions.

I thought I was the only one to pull out as book in the grocery check-out line! Now when people give me strange looks, I can tell them that Stephen King does it too LOL

Trish said...

Ha! Yes, Steven King does carry some authority, doesn't he? On Writing is a wonderful book.