Friday, October 21, 2011

Guerrilla Reading

Turn off the TV
Turn off the computer
~Before going to sleep
~Before getting up
~In the bathtub
~While baby is napping
~After kids are in bed
~With kids
~To kids
~While waiting for your ride
~While on the bus/train/plane
~While dinner is cooking
~While exercising (audiobooks!)
~While driving (ditto)
~While waiting for an appointment
~ . . .
~ . . .
~ . . .

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Beth said...

While eating lunch.
While on the dock.

(Probably lots more...)

Tracy said...

Not in the bathtub! Makes the pages go all soggy!

Toni D. said...

I used to read AND walk while on my way to work :Pf

edgar said...

Why not? I could not stop reading. Do you?

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Lol. Great post. I read while I wait for my work out video starts up :) It's like 2 minutes but whatever.

Trish said...

Beth - Yes! With lunch, of course. The cottage, too, would be an ideal place to haul a pile of books: dock, hammock, screen porch . . .

Tracy - what? I do some of my best reading in the bathtub.

toni - haha yes, I've done that, too.

edgar - stop reading? I do come up for air occasionally, reluctantly.

Alexis - hey, two minutes is two minutes. You could finish a paragraph or a chapter or sneak a peak at the next page or maybe reread that part a few pages ago that was so clever or funny or confusing. The possibilities are endless!

Kate Maxwell said...

While waiting for kids in the Mom Taxi...
in the middle of a park on a sunny day...
when you are supposed to be doing housework!

Trish said...

Perfect :)

BookQuoter said...

While I sit in front of the television with my hubby:)

Brona said...

Over breakfast, in the bath (bubbles optional!), on the front porch, by the pool (cocktail optional!), on the loo, whilst watering the garden, during my lunch break, on hold on the phone...:-)

Trish said...

Haha yes of course! The front porch with a cocktail. On hold on the phone and on the loo too. When my boys were small, the bathroom was the only place I ever got any peace and quiet, so . . .

Thanks! I'll add them to the list.

I don't have breakfast in there either so I'll add that one also.