Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Childhood Favorites

A weekly favorite books meme hosted by Sam @ Tiny Library. This week's theme is favorite childhood books.

When I was a child I wasn't particularly drawn to reading books; if it didn't have a picture of Archie and Jughead on the cover then I wasn't really interested. Our house was always full of books, though, so I'm not really sure why it took so long for reading to catch on with me. My parents read books. My siblings read books. And my aunt and uncle, bless their librarian/English teacher hearts, used to give me a book for my birthday and a book for Christmas every year, without fail. And every year I would kind of flip through read them, but not really. My mind would wander too much and I'd give up again and again. Then one day -I must have been about ten, and it must have been summer because I was b.o.r.e.d. and truly had nothing else to do- I reached for Mary O'Hara's My Friend Flicka and gave it one more try. And lo, the chapter book was in my command. I read this book right to the end and loved it.


oreneta said...

Glad you got bitten by the bug, did you become an instant passionate reader or did it still wax and wane?

Trish said...

No, I dabbled at best. I didn't really do books regularly until my teens. But My Friend Flicka will always be remembered as my first favourite book.

Sam said...

My fiance didn't enjoy reading until he was about 19 - people pick it up at all different stages, I guess.

I haven't heard of this book but it must have been a good one to inspire you.

Thanks for taking part! :D

Sharon said...

I loved the TV show made from this book, I watched it every week when I was a kid! Yes, that dates me, badly.I have wanted to read this but..... Glad you enjoyed it!

Mine is here:

Sherrie said...

What a wonderful book to get "grabbed" by. Have a great day!

Just Books

Trish said...

sam - yes, it's never too late to start reading!

sharon - the show sounds like it would have been fun to watch. I sometimes wonder if these childhood books would be the same if we read them (or watched them) as adults?

sherrie - it did take a couple of tries before it finally took.