Monday, February 22, 2010

The Thirteenth Tale vs The Little Stranger

I know what The Thirteen Tales reminds me of now! The Little Stranger by Sara Waters. It was a similar old-English-estate-strange-goings-on ghost story but it was just not as readable or enjoyable. There were too many things that bugged me about Little Stranger. The totally unlikely relationship between the doctor and the sturdy no-nonsense daughter with thick ankles? I don't think so. And then half way through the book he wants to marry her? No. (Not that there is anything wrong with sturdy women - the relationship just wasn't likely or necessary in the context of the story). And really, I didn't want all the historical background on Hundreds Hall, maybe some for context, but I found it just went on and on through all the generations of the family that lived there. The ghosty stuff was also a little too woowoo for me. But I did finish the book so I guess that says something.

Somehow The Thirteen Tales is just a better story.


Beth said...

Hey – maybe The Little Stranger was the book I mixed up with The Thirteenth Tale! I was not a big fan of that doctor and when I don’t like the main character, the book is tough to get through.

trish said...

Yes I wondered if maybe your mix-up is what got me to thinking of Little Stranger. It was an okay enough book but the characters just didn't work for me. I hurried through it just to be done with it.