Sunday, September 4, 2016

Home Library Love

Because I'm a sucker for all things homey and bookish, and I think you are too, here is a website for us all to drool over.


Anne Roy said...

oh my ... the books do not look easy to access in many of them ... what am I saying? some bookcases here are double stacked.

As Powell said they do 'furnish a room' & create a feeling of comfort.


BECKY said...

Hi Trish! I hopped over and looked at the home libraries. Very cool! And did you happen to notice the wallpaper that was black and white books? I would like it much better if the books were in color!

Trish said...

Anne - ahh yes but the thrill is in the hunt! I also think the ladder would force me to slow down and browse more thoroughly as it only allows access to a few shelves at a time.

Becky - I know, right?!

Connie said...

Cool website. I could settle in and spend quite a bit of time in these places.