Saturday, October 26, 2013

City of Glass by Paul Auster

Never having read Paul Auster before, I thought I'd better give him a try so I started with City of  Glass the first of his New York Trilogy stories. It's a surreal and strange and although I don't know if this style will ever be a favorite, it's one that I like to keep sampling. Auster's writing reminds me of Murakami, weird but compelling. It's just real enough to be believable but with enough odd twists and details that have me scratching my head and wondering if I'm dreaming. Even though I finished this days ago, I'm still thinking about it and contemplating picking it up again to finish the other two stories. Will they be this weird too? I must find out.

As a result of a strange call in the middle of the night, Quinn, a writer of detective stories, becomes enmeshed in a case more puzzling than any he might have written. (back cover)

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