Monday, July 22, 2013

Reading Notes

~ The heat, people. The heat. We've been melting here on the shores of Lake Ontario in spite of the breeze off the water. I'm just not as young and snappy as I used to be and the summer heat is putting me in a coma. It's cooler today, though, which is a huge relief.

~ I'm happy to report that I'm putting a dent in my TBR shelf. A couple of really good reads along with a few DNFs. Reviews coming soon.

~ I couldn't be more excited that JK Rowling has also been writing under a pseudonym, sneaky gal that she is. After loving the pants off Casual Vacancy, I will of course be adding The Cuckoo's Calling to my reading list. I already know I will love it too.

~ I woke up this morning to find one of my favourite Canadian authors, Joseph Boyden, on the front page of the newspaper with a piece he wrote about the Moose River flowing into James Bay, an area of Northern Ontario that plays a large part in his books. I couldn't be more excited to hear he has a new book coming out in the fall! He, along with JK, are authors I will clear my calendar for.

~ Speaking of clearing calendars and loving books, right now I am reading and enjoying Barbara Kingsolver's Pigs in Heaven, which is restoring my faith in a once-favorite author's work. She so disappointed me with The Lacuna, a tediously boring and overly long book, that we had to take a break from each other. I loved The Bean Trees years ago and am only just now getting around to reading the sequel. No more fast-track to the top of my reading pile for this author anymore; she'll have to get in line along with everyone else. I'm not even sure I'll bother with Flight Behavior.

~ Also, this piece is good news for book bloggers, yes?


JoAnn said...

My book club just selected Flight Behavior as our next read. Though I've enjoyed Kingsolver in the past, this was a little disappointing. At least it wasn't The Lacuna... I really don't want to go there!

BECKY said...

Hi Trish! I hear ya about the heat! We're spoiled here in the Midwest of the US because we haven't had near the high temps or humidity of last year...or as "usual." Throw in a couple of HH (hot,humid!) days, and we're all melting. How I wish I could see your beautiful Lake Ontario! Also, I agree with you when an author you previously loved writes something that you can't's awful! Glad you're happy with your latest and the other TBRs!

Trish said...

JoAnn - Well I'm glad it's not just me. I'll probably finish up her older books and then call it done.

Becky - Lake Ontario is pretty darn wonderful. So much water! It's like a big natural air conditioner. You get a mile or two away from it, though, and the air just gets hot and hotter.

Connie said...

The news about J.K. Rowling interested me too. Sneaky indeed! Ha! :D Sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy.