Monday, March 4, 2013

Planet Boy by Stuart McLean

Another Vinyl Cafe audiobook that had me grinning from ear to ear.

Honestly, these short stories written and read by Stuart McLean are so clever and sweet and funny and good natured I can hardly believe it's taken me so long to discover them. I had always known they existed, and occasionally caught the tail end of a story on CBC radio, but never really listened. So when my library had some CDs to check out I jumped at the chance to bring them home and listen from beginning to end.

Vinyl Cafe stories all revolve around the family of Dave and Morley and their two children Stephanie and Sam. Planet Boy is all about Sam and the shenanigans he and his friends get up to at school and over the summer holidays in a way that reminded me of the Calvin and Hobbes comics. The stories are fiction, but they're also very true.


Nan said...

Did you know you can get the podcasts of the Vinyl Cafe?

I love your phrase 'good natured' - so very true. He makes me feel good about life.

Trish said...

Thanks for that link! I never thought to look for podcasts.

Yes, stories like these are so refreshingly innocent, aren't they? I love that.

Daisy said...

I've never heard of these. They sound cute.

Barb Blackstock said...

Roflmao!!! You mean to tell me there is something in the literary world that I know of BEFORE you?!?! OMG I love, love, love Stuart McLean and his Vinyl Cafe Stories. I love listening to him reading his stories on CBC Radio and often catch him reading one when I'm on my way home from your place on Sunday afternoons hehehe.

He is an awesome writer and story teller....I'd love to see him in person, I know he does a great many appearances out on the west coast but he must come to this area sometimes too.....we should check in to it.....sis, get on it!!

Trish said...

Daisy - they are really cute!

Barb - Ha! What other secrets are you keeping from me? It would be way fun to go see him live, though. In the meantime, load some of these on your iPod for anytime listening.