Friday, December 2, 2011

Libraries are absolutely at the center of my life. Since I couldn't afford to go to college, I attended the library three of four days a week from the age of eighteen on, and graduated from the library when I was twenty-eight.
Ray Bradbury


Tracy said...

When I was a child I relied on my local library - my parents couldn't afford to buy me books all the time, and I was a voracious reader - still am.

Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

For Ray Bradbury, it might've been the library. For me, it's secondhand bookstores. Can't get enough of them.

Trish said...

Tracy - I remember libraries always feeling so cozy when I was a child. I can't say I was a voracious reader -other than Asterix and Tin Tin comics- but I liked being around all those aisles and shelves and tables.

Darlyn - Yes! I love the randomness of used book stores and could hang out in them all day.