Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading Notes & Halloween

Yesterday was a most splendid Sunday! I spent it in my reading chair with Mr Poe, a glass of ice tea, and a small bowl of Halloween candy by my side. I say 'small' because, really, it was just the few select packages of  Twix, Snickers and M&Ms  that *fell* out of the larger bowl by the front door. Spillage, you understand.

I've also been dipping into some Murakami for the first time. Hmm. He's intriguingly interestingly strange. I might just end up liking him. We'll see. Today, though, it's all about the weird and creepy. And the candy. Halloween on!

The Lake
by Edgar Allen Poe

In spring of youth it was my lot
To haunt of the wide world a spot
The which I could not love the less - 
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound,
And the tall pines that towered around.

But when the Night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot, as upon all,
And the mystic wind went by 
Murmuring in melody - 
Then - ah then I would awake 
To the terror of the lone lake.

Yet that terror was not fright,
But the tremulous delight -
A feeling not the jewelled mine
Could teach or bribe me to define - 
Nor Love - although the Love were thine.

Death was in that poisonous wave, 
And in its gulf a fitting grave 
For him who thence could solace bring
To his lone imagining - 
Whose solitary soul could make 
An Eden of that dim lake.


Beth said...

Hmm...spillage. Wonder whose hand accidently knocked that candy out of the bowl?
Hope there’s some left for tonight!

Trish said...

Yes *ahem* spillage. There's still plenty to go around, though. *cough*

Tracy said...

Sounds like an excellent way to spend Sunday!

And Murakami - I thought Norwegian Wood was so sad, but I'm interested in his latest novel,