Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Count of Monte Cristo

*phew* I'm done.

What an epic book. What else can I say that hasn't already been said? The Count of Monte Cristo is like James Bond and Danny Ocean and any number of Marvel Comics superheroes rolled into one, with heaps of Victorian melodrama thrown in for good measure. It was a fun but exhausting read and I am now quite ready to move on to something else.

Check this post out for a collection of some of the more memorable quotes.

Victorian Challenge - check!


Tracy said...

Congratulations on finishing it! I felt like that after finishing Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

Tiny Library said...

I have this one saved for the summer hols. I want to read it but it's so long!

BookQuoter said...

Yes, i finished and loved this one too.
Welcome back!

Trish said...

tracy - some books are like that, aren't they? Glad to have read them but also glad to be done.

tiny library - summer time is a good season for a book like this. Yes, it's quite long, but well worth it.

bookquoter - thanks! Did you post about it? I'll have to come over to see which quotes you highlighted.