Friday, June 18, 2010


Ha Ha okay so this is really funny painful dumb . . .

Back on the post I did about that gawdawful book White Oleander I keep getting comments from 'Anonymous' trying to get me to buy pharmaceuticals.

*Irony.* Lots.

After a stinker book like that, meds are a definite temptation. But, sorry Anonymous, ain't going to happen. All your spamming's going to do is get me to activate Word Verification, 'kay? So how'd you like them apples now, hmmm?

*gah* so silly.

Does anyone ever buy anything from a spammer? At all? Ever? Dudes, give it up already. No one cares about your wares.

Anywhoo - just thought I'd let the world all 3 of my readers know: word verification will now be on.


oreneta said...

I had to put it on too, a pain, but what can you do. Some people must buy, or it wouldn't be worth the effort, can't imagine it, but there must be some people.....

Trish said...

Let's hope this takes care of it.