Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Oh man . . . my To-Be-Read pile is getting a little unwieldy but with so many good books out there what's a girl to do? Okay, so 'unwieldy' might just be my word because I'm so clutter-phobic but I've had such a good book-acquisition sweep lately that my stash is growing to heights never before attained.

Check this out:

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni - I'm just now dabbling (The Thirteenth Tale, The Little Stranger) in this kind of gothic/history/mystery genre but Angeology is a brand new book that keeps popping onto my radar so when I saw a copy at my neighborhood second-hand store I thought I would cash in one of my credits and -boom- the book was mine!

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - This book has been around for a few years but is only just now getting my attention, again because of my new interest in g/h/m. It was favorably reviewed and touted as "the thinking person's Dan Brown". Ha! Okay then . . . bring it on.

Thriteen Moons by Charles Frazer - I was not a big fan of his Cold Mountain mainly because of all the warring that was going on between the Union and the Confederates back in the 1860s. Who wants to read all those gory details? Not me. Anywhoo, the rest of the story was pretty okay in an historical fiction kind of way so I thought I would give this next book a try. And really, with a tag line like "At the age of twelve, an orphan named Will Cooper is given a horse, a key, and a map and is sent on a journey through the uncharted wilderness of the Cherokee Nation . . . " I could scarcely pass it up.

House Rules by Rachel Sontag - Is she a good writer? I don't know. But since I am a fan of the tortured-childhood-but-turns-out-to-be-semi-normal-fully-functioning-member-of-society memoirs (Jeanette Walls, Augusten Burroughs, Frank McCourt, Mary Karr) then I thought I would give this one a go.

Fall On Your Knees by Ann - Marie MacDonald - My sister-in-law gave me her copy as a Must Read but I don't know . . . it looks kind of family saga-ish and I don't really need any more of that kind of drama - got my own, thanks. But who knows? It could be a good read. SIL was the one that passed along her copy of Joseph Boyden's Through Black Spruce and it was one of my all-time favorites.

A Room With a View by Virginia Woolf - Another one of my new interests: Old-world women writers writing about . . . women writers! I read To The Lighthouse last summer and was -ehn- not impressed. But I've heard good things about RWaV so I'm ready to give Ms Woolf another chance.

The New York Stories by Edith Wharton - Again, woman writer/old-world stories.

Your Call is Important to Us (the truth about bullshit) by Laura Penny - Ha! This I gotta read. One long rant about today's corporate and political bullcrap. Sounds a bit Barbara Ehrenreich-ish . . . you go girl!

White Oleander by Janet Fitch - Don't know much about this one but it was a dollar at the library book sale, and I never saw the movie, so . . .

Dispatches From The Edge by Anderson Cooper - non-fiction, current event stories from a behind-the-enemy lines reporter. Yes, I know this will get heavy but I am fascinated by people who do this for a living.

Ladysmith by Giles Foden - I have no idea where this one came from but it was just -boom- there in my bookshelf one day and, apart from having a lovely cover, looked like it might be an interesting historical story.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - This one is actually in progress. I have about 100 pages still to go and it has already scored a position on my 'favorites' shelf. Wow, cool book.


Beth said...

Always looking for more...thank you very much!

House Rules was disturbing but good.

trish said...

I always have this little fear in the back of my head that eventually I'll run out of stuff to read. But it seems the more I find the more there is! Funny how that happens.

Hhmm 'disturbing' you say? Now my curiosity is really piqued.

Beth said...

See my comment on your post of today - we (or at least me) can always re-read previously read books - they will be like new!

trish said...

Yes, it's sort of like recycling ;)